6 Weeks – Installing the CMS in its Environment

I decided to host my WordPress website through Altervista as I’ve used it before for hosting a blog and I find they make things easy when it comes to hosting. I understand that they brand the website both above the header and below the footer but this doesn’t worry me as the majority of the website will remain untouched.

Although it is a shared hosting plan i am confident that they have the resources to cope with the traffic I am expecting, which is not a lot at all. They also provide the hosting free of charge which is a super positive for me. It is also beneficial having a live hosting plan as I can edit it from multiple devices and I can also see what it looks like from laptop to phone.

To begin the installation I navigated to “hosting” on the altervista home page. The type of hosting I selected was “WordPress with no limits”.


My website can be accessed through this link.


After the installation was complete I was taken to the dashboard. The dashboard contained some defaults put in by altervista. Next, the theme.


6 Weeks – Installing the CMS in its Environment

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