6 Weeks – Implement Navigation

The navigation for my website is intuitive and allows users to quickly and easily navigate throughout the pages. The navigation bar is situated at the top of the page and on desktop is separated from the main content by an image. This makes it easy for users to distinguish the navigation bar from other website content.

The text on the navigation is also relative to the pages that they link to. This ensures that users can navigate to the content they wish to be presented, by clicking on the corresponding link. In addition to this by having appropriate link text SEO is is search engines understand the contents of these links.


The navigation on mobile is similar to that on desktop although there is no background image.


On mobile the navigation also drops down which helps save space for mobile users and provide a cleaner experience.


Within the footer users can click the arrow to be taken back up to the top of the page. This saves the user from scrolling back up to the top to change pages which can be especially tiresome on long webpages.


Users can also navigate through blogs by clicking on the featured images within either the home or blog page.


WooCommerce also provides seamless transition through user account pages, including their dashboard, orders and account details pages.



6 Weeks – Implement Navigation

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