6 Weeks – The Brief

My website can be found here.

Website Description

My website will be called Musication and will contain content related to music. On my website users will be greeted with content pertaining to all things music, including a musical blog, songs and a shop that sells musical items such as keyboards, guitars and MIDI devices.

Website Purpose

The roll of my website is to provide people with knowledge and information regarding musical creation and production as well as reviews on musical products and devices. My website will also contain a selection of tracks which visitors can listen to. It will also provide a shopping service where people are able to purchase products from the website.


My website will have an appropriate visual metaphor that runs throughout the site. This visual metaphor will make it clear to users that this site is about music. This will be done through relevant images and a vibrant colour scheme. The website will feel on trend and relative to the current musical age.


My website will function smoothly and provide easy navigation through the pages. The separation between shop, blog and musical showcase will be apparent and users will be able to visit whichever suits their needs. The shop will provide product services, the blog will provide information and the musical showcase will provide inspiration.


My websites competition will include websites like pitchfork (an online music magazine) and SoundCloud. Pitchfork provides reviews on albums and blogs about happenings in the industry. SoundCloud is largely known for its ability to provide a platform for up and coming artists and it also has its own blog. My website will differ from these as it will contain combined content from these sites and will also contain a shop.

Website Points of Interest

My websites points of interest will include insightful blog posts, thought-provoking tracks and comprehensive product reviews which will culminate in a fresh and unique look at the music genre. This will be further enhanced by the branding and products for sale within the online webstore.

Website Demographic

The website will be targeted at a broad range of users but likely more situated to people who enjoy modern music and the electronic music genre. The demographic it is aimed towards largely includes people within the 14-40 range. Although based in New Zealand the website will provide general services globally, largely from the blog and music on the website. However, because of the hassle of providing products to a global market I will limit it to New Zealand for now.


SEO Strategy

Key words for my website will include electronic, music, new, alternative, tracks, Musication, blog, EDM.
A large majority of the search engine optimisation will be handled with the plugin Yoast SEO and I will attempt to find a niche within the broad spectrum that is the online musical environment. This will be done with words such as electronic, alternative and my website name Musication.


I will host my website on Altervista because it is free and is all I will need for this assessment. A downside of using Altervista aside from the shared hosting is the branding it puts on the site along with the time it takes to update on the server, which can be up to 48 hours. If I was building this for a client I would still host it with a shared hosting plan due if the expected audience volume was small. However, I would pay for the hosting and ensure the provider is WordPress approved or at least is good for building WordPress sites.

6 Weeks – The Brief

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