5 Weeks – Adding Single Media

To begin adding Media I selected the media tab on the WordPress dashboard.


I then selected “Add Media” and dropped the files I wished to upload into the upload box.


The media files I have uploaded are as follows:


Now to change the featured images of my blog away from Samuel L Jackson, I clicked the featured image box to update or edit the image.


I then selected the appropriate image I wanted for the blog post and clicked “set featured image”.


After doing this for all my blog posts I also added the tracks that I wanted for my playlist that is to be featured on the tracks page.


I also inserted a video from URL on one of my blog posts.


My blog page now looks like this, with the correct featured images for each post.


An individual blog now looks like this, with the featured image just below the post title.


This specific blog post also contains the video which I embedded from a URL.


For my playlist I also updated the featured image to a more appropriate audio wavelength.


My tracks page now looks like this.


Mobile First Media Management

It is important to consider file size when it comes to web browsing. This is because the larger the file size, the longer the page takes to load. Keeping in mind that many users will only look at your site for about 3 seconds it is important that the web page loads quickly so they don’t become impatient and leave. Therefore, you should aim to keep your website around or under 3MB and ensure that images aren’t too large. This is especially important when it comes to mobile browsing as the size of the web page and images has a greater effect on the device. Also many of the standard images will be resized for mobile as the website is modeled to a mobile frame which again is something to keep in mind. To ensure that i have met these requirements I have kept my images under 500KB through and didn’t overload a page with media. It is also interesting to note that WordPress does by default compress the images for you.

5 Weeks – Adding Single Media

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