5 Weeks – Contact Form

To create the contact form I installed and activated the “Contact Form by WPForms” plugin. It is an easy to use drag and drop form builder which comes with 3 standard templates and the ability to add reCAPTCHA was is vitally important with protection against spam and bots.


To create the form I selected the pre-made contact us form and generated shortcode from it.


I then embedded this shortcode in my Contact Us page.


I also added reCAPTCHA into the website by following these steps as described in the plugin dashboard. I ended up getting  reCAPTCHA from this website by inserting my domain and generating the public and private keys. I then inputted these keys in to the corresponding text boxes within the plugin settings.


My from now looks like this with the reCaptcha button.


After submitting an entry the user is shown this message.


I made sure that the contact from continued the visual metaphor of my website by ensuring that the plugin utilized the CSS from my theme. This is seen within the same font and appropriate use of header tags. It is also clean and appropriate for a white on black theme.

5 Weeks – Contact Form

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