5 Weeks – Adding File Upload

File uploading is useful in corporate situations when an employee wishes to upload a file to the system from outside it. With file uploading, users can have there own files hosted on the server and have access to them whenever they login.

To add file uploading to my website I installed the “WordPress File Upload” plugin and activated it.


The plugin gives me the ability to add it to specific pages via shortcode or add it to a widget area. I decided to add it to my footer widget area and I titled it “Upload Your Files”.


The widget looks like this in my footer.


I clicked on “Select File” which brought up windows explorer. I then selected the image I wanted to upload.


After the file was uploaded I received this notification.


The uploads can be found within the dashboard at “root/wp-content/uploads”. It details the image name, size, date it was uploaded and the user who uploaded it.


You can then click on the specific file to get more information.


After reading the plugins “readme.txt” I have discovered that only administrators can mange the uploaded files. However, in the paid versions all users have the ability to manage their own files. You can also specify the directory of the uploaded files and restrict uploading to specific user roles.


5 Weeks – Adding File Upload

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