3 Weeks – Adding a Shop

To add the shop to my website I installed WooCommerce, which is the premier eCommerce plugin for WordPress. After running through the basic installation, WooCommerce added 4 new pages, checkout, cart, my account and shop. This optional installation process makes it very easy for users to get started with the setup of their online web store.


The WooCommerce Plugin also adds two sections to the dashboard “WooCommerce” which keeps track of order information, can produce reports and lets the user update their settings. The other is the “Products” section where users can add and edit products.


This is the settings page where users go to edit their business information. Here clients can input their store address and other general options quickly and easily.


Clients can also edit their currency options, choosing the currency and number of decimal places among other things.


The reports page is another key aspect of WooCommerce as it gives clients the ability to analyse their sales performance to determine how their functioning and what future actions they can take.


To add and update products, clients simply click on the products link on the dashboard. Here they can edit the short description, page text, product image and product data. The product image is easily updated by selecting the product image on the right side bar.


This brings up the media section of WordPress from which clients can select the appropriate product image.


After clicking the quick edit link of a product, clients are taken to this screen. Here they can input the title of the product, SKU, price, tags and sale price along with other product information. This makes it easy for them edit all their product information in one place.


The product data screen is another important screen for editing product information, here you handle general information, inventory, shipping and more. In my case I made the product downloadable and choose a track I had uploaded to my Media Library. Now when visitors purchase my product via PayPal the track will automatically download.


This is what my shop page looks like. Users can add the Van Remix track to their cart and download it. They are also given the ability to review products which is a commonality around web stores.



3 Weeks – Adding a Shop

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