Web601 Project Reflection

When reflecting on the process of the three milestones I am happy with the flow of development. Milestone one provided a stable platform to be built upon during milestone two and three as the MVC architecture was well grounded and operable. As we moved to milestone two, focus was shifted from the underlying architecture to the persistence of a database structure and how it was to communicate with the website. I believe the functioning database greatly extends the capability of the website and its ability to provide user interaction. This is highlighted by the competition form and can be furthered with the use of a commenting system or even a web app.

Lastly, milestone three was an introductory step to the use of JavaScript and its place on the web. Given more time or a new website, I believe its implementation would be better designed for and executed. The use of regular expressions is a great highlight for input validity as it gives the creator more control over what is entered. However, I am concerned over its HTML5 integration to prevent SQL injection as it can be easily altered within the inspector. Therefore, I believe this is better handled on the server side.

Web601 Project Reflection

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