SDV602 Milestone Three Reflection

When looking back at Milestone three and implementing an online system with JSON,I believe that it was worthwhile and beneficial gaining the knowledge to integrate a JSON data service with a unity application.

Unlike Milestone Two, in this milestone the game data is stored on a server which provides developers with the opportunity to integrate multiplayer functionality within their game. I ultimately found this milestone the most interesting and useful as it gave me the understanding of how developers can use an online data service for their game. Although the game is slow due to it having to send and retrieve from a Singaporean server each time input is applied, I still mark it is the greatest multiplayer functionality I have created due to it’s reliability, simplicity and scalability.

I also enjoyed implementing the mobile device specific functions such as accelerometer or in my case the device shake. I feel it is great for unity to have these options built within it as it makes mobile game development more dynamic and functional.


SDV602 Milestone Three Reflection

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