Car Showroom Build Reflection

Reflecting on the process of my car showroom build, I believe that the process I took to create it was a good one, one that I would repeat if I was to build it again. I believe focusing on the shell before the interior made it easier to realise the size and scale of the build and helped me understand how the decorating of the interior would be undertaken.

I also believe that texturing  my prims after completing each individual object or group of objects, gave me a greater idea of the overall color scheme and made it easier to choose appropriate textures for my build. By doing this, I gathered a growing view of my build as each textured object was added rather than not knowing how it would look like until i textured them. This gave me the ability to decided how i would texture my objects before rezzing them.

I believe a strength of my build is its functionality. I believe it greatly fits its purpose as there is plenty of opportunity for vehicles to be advertised in my showroom and I feel it is also a great place for residents to come together and discuss cars. There is a stage for vehicles to be driven across and a couple of car stands at the entrance for special interest vehicles to be displayed. I also believe that another strength is its authenticity as it looks like a place you would go in real life for cars to be auctioned and displayed.

One weakness of my build is the lack of windows. I believe adding windows would give it the extra authenticity it needs from the outside and also give it the ability to easily slot into any applicable second life street. Another weakness I believe it has is the lack of vehicles or vehicle memorabilia. Although it currently functions how its supposed to, providing a place for these vehicles and vehicle enthusiasts. I believe seeing it fulfill its purpose with a couple of cars on the stands would be great.



Car Showroom Build Reflection

Car Showroom Flag Poles and Speakers

Other than the complexity requirements already met, i also decided to create a couple of flag poles out front with a flexible path.

Creating Flag pole

I tried to model the flags flexible path settings closely to how it would behave in real life. I gave it a physics shape type of a prim and plastic as although it is most likely cloth, plastic was the closest alternative. I did initially have a problem of the flag drooping off the pole that it was connected to. After mixing the x, y and z force I discovered that changing its tension would fix my problem. I modeled it as light and gave it relatively high tension. This tension ensured that the flag would be properly attached to the flag pole and droop down to the ground like gravity would make it do.

I also created a pair of speakers from a ring and multiple hemispheres.

Speaker Build

I stretched and twisted the ring to create a speaker like shape while also giving it a hole cut where the speaker would go.

Inner Speaker

I then used a hemisphere to enclose the hole and act is the forefront of the speaker. I had to rotate it on multiple axis’ to ensure it was aligned correctly.

After creating the inner speaker and enclosing it within the cone I then created another hemisphere and aligned it with the other. I then textured it with a transparent texture to make it look the mesh that protects it. I then copied it and aligned another one to it before mounting it in the top corner of the wall.


Car Showroom Flag Poles and Speakers

Car Showroom Doors Opening

I had much difficulty trying to create fully functioning doors even after sourcing a script. I first had difficulty getting them operating correctly and then aligning the textures.

Door hard.PNG

To get the door script working correctly I created the illusion of it swinging on its hinge. To do this I created a path cut of 0.375 at the beginning and 0.875 at the end. I then needed to change the align to world variable within the script to false as this caused the animation to break if the prim was moved or rotated away from where it was initially rezzed.

door code.PNG

The texture was also difficult to align. This is because the texture for the door frame itself had very little leeway with where the door handle and door hinges appeared. This was because they were right next to each other when the texture repeated. After constantly fiddling with the vertical and horizontal offset along with the repeats per metres, I finally aligned the textures together. However, I still needed to align both inside and outside correctly along with its mirror image. This was done by rotating the texture 180 degrees.

Finally after all this work, my doors finally look and act appropriately.

Front doors open script

Car Showroom Doors Opening

Car Showroom Interior Decorating

At the end of the showroom I wanted to build a stage which enabled vehicles to be showcased on. The vehicles can even be auctioned for lindens or just as a way to advertise a residents creation or creations.

stage built

Like a regular stage I built stairs so residents can get on it, but unlike a regular stage I also put grooves on it to aid with vehicles when they are driven across it. I also created a glowing light across the top face of the stage to draw peoples attention to it.

The stage light is also scripted to change color and also to change from glowing to not glowing. It changes from colored glow to colored non glow every three seconds and is set on a timer.

stage glow blackstage glow redstage glow white

After creating the stage I then needed to create seating for the residents to view it. I first created and textured an individual chair before creating multiple copies of it. I then grouped separate sections, one for the left and one for the right before aligning them together to finish the seating.

However, after creating and duplicating my first version of seating as seen in the bottom picture I was notified that my prim count was too high. After altering some other prims I also changed the seating from individual seats to a long bench across each row.

Also, before I added the stage I realised that I needed to increase the height of the show room to account for it. I stretched the top of the walls to make them taller and placed the roof at its new height.

Increased size


Car Showroom Interior Decorating

Car Showroom Initial development

To start my build I decided to create the outside first and focus on the detailed interior afterwards. Because the showroom would house vehicles, a stage and seating area it needed to be big enough to account for this.

Outer wallsAfter creating the exterior I decided to texture it. I decided to texture it with bricks, however this proved difficult when aligning the prims.

hard texture alignment

The above picture highlights the problem I had. To make the textures join smoothly, I used the face indicators to determine how the repeated textures would align and changed the vertical and horizontal offsets until they overlapped. This created the effect of what an uncut wall would look as the textures aligned correctly but still left space for the entrance as seen below.

wall textured

After texturing the exterior, I then went on to texture the interior.

Textured Interior

I gave the floor a checkered tile finish to go with the color scheme I had in mind. I also gave the roof a white tile texture and textured the walls with a wooden pattern.

Textured Exterior

For the roof I used a triangular prism and stretched its vertical axis to ensure that its height was proportional relative to the walls. I also raised the floor to enable my build to be rezzed easily without relying on the ground it would be rezzed on.


Car Showroom Initial development

Complex Creation Task Plan

The option I have chosen is complex creation with visual complexity. I plan to build a vehicle showroom which houses exotic, classic and vintage vehicles. The purpose of the build is to provide a place where vehicle designers can showcase their vehicles and residents can come to meet, discuss and see these builds.

My learning goal is to gain increased knowledge and skill of  building and scripting techniques within Second Life. By the end of the build I will have created a large show room with housing points for vehicles. The show room will also contain a stage and seating area for vehicle auctions.

Depending on how good I am at creating vehicles I may focus my build on the showrooms details rather than creating authentic looking vehicles to be housed within it. This all depends on me using Blender for creating mesh objects.

The main resource I will use to guide the task is documentation through the use of images and blogging. These blogs will depict certain aspects of the build and their progress from start to completion.


Complex Creation Task Plan

Participating with a Second Life Community

The Caledon Community is a large Second Life community that spans across over 20 sims. It is set in the steampunk era and holds many groups within it. The particular group I was involved with was the Caledon Oxbridge Scholars. Caledon Oxbridge can be traveled to here.

caledon oxford

The Caledon Oxbridge Scholars is an open group dedicated to helping new residents with things relating to the use of Second Life. The group is aimed at educating new residents with Second Life’s basic controls and navigation of the world. The group holds many ranks, including scholar, tutor, Dean and professor and they even hold lectures in a man-made lecture hall. These lectures focus on avatar animation, building, scripting and many more. I originally spoke with a tutor and a Dean to get this information and more background of the wider Caledon as a region.

Sadly when I went to attend one of the avatar animation lectures the lecture was cancelled due to real life reasons.


The description of the group reads: “This is a group for students and supporters of Caledon Oxbridge Gateway. The group chat channel is designated primarily for students seeking help with issues in Second Life. New resident questions are ok.”

Before joining the Caledon Oxbridge Scholars I was informed by the dean of a quest hunt that people could do to be involved with the community. The quest hunt consisted of 18 places to visit of which each contained a waypoint to lead you to the next clue. This adventure took me through many of the Caledon sims and gave me a better understanding of the area that I could put to use as a Caledon Oxbridge Scholar.


After getting the majority of the quest done, I took a break and came back to Caledon Oxbridge where I joined the Caledon Oxbridge Scholars.

oxbridge scholar

It was not long after I returned when I encountered a fellow resident who was wondering how to get to Caledon Stormhold. I proceeded to tell them that it was “North East of here” and that they could “teleport” to it. They were also unsure of how to teleport so I explained to them and helped them get to where they wanted to go. It turned out that they were also taking part in the quest which I had started and needed help with a clue, I obliged.

After talking to the dean of the Caledon Oxbridge Scholars and discovering that they enjoy the satisfaction of helping others over the role-playing, I would have to agree. I enjoyed being part of the Caledon Oxbridge Scholars and almost immediately felt an obligation to help the new residents. I find it quite fulfilling knowing that the things I was taught was used to educate and help others during my time at Caledon Oxbridge.

Finally I participated in a Caledon Community event with the Ally Cats at Poppy’s ally. From my experience i learned that they meet there every Monday at 7:30pm PDT and i joined the group “Alley Cats Alley” soon after. I enjoyed my time there and found it as a real social engagment for all those involved. It is known as the ally cat dance where residents come to chat, dance and socialise. After not seeing many people throughout my time in Caledon I was suddenly thrown into a vibrant location that felt alive. Many people turned up and I was even shown where to find the Caledon Community Calender so i will never miss an event like it again.

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Participating with a Second Life Community